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The role of motherhood may be the most important role for the entire human race, so let’s look after her!

Here at Autumn Willow, we create unique gift boxes, self-care packages and hospital bags for pregnant and new mum's and gift boxes for newborn babies. So, whether you are looking to find the perfect gift for a pregnant or new mum or if you would like to treat yourself to something that will give you that oh so important bit of “me time” our lovingly thought out and beautifully packaged gift boxes and care packages are just the treat to remind you that it’s okay to take care of yourself!

Our newborn gift boxes and hospital bags have been created to ensure that mum will have only the best products included in them.  All products that we offer have been sourced to ensure that they are organic, ethical, and sustainable or all three!  All beauty products and candles within our care packages are vegan friendly and made by small businesses within the UK.  Where possible all our products are sourced within the UK or, if this is not possible, we order in bulk to ensure sustainability.

Each new mum or newborn gifts box is beautifully hand wrapped in tissue paper and all our packaging is eco-friendly and recyclable.

With every gift box we include a gift card that can include a personalised handwritten message to make your present that little bit extra special. If you would like to create your own bespoke gift box, we have a great selection of products from which you can pick.


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Hospital Bags

Whether you have a natural or caesarean delivery our gorgeous and carefully thought through hospital bags are packed with everything we think you will need to help you through labour and those first few days after delivery.




Newborn Baby Gift Box

Our newborn baby gift boxes are the perfect way to welcome your precious new arrival into the world.  Each gift box will be filled with carefully selected baby clothes, toiletries, and accessories.  Our baby gift boxes are filled with only the best for baby(ies).  All products within our newborn gift box are organic, ethical, and sustainable.

Our baby clothes are made from the finest organic cotton and our baby skincare is made from natural organic ingredients. Also, our clothing and skincare ranges have been designed by mums.


Newborn gifts for mums. Newborn gift box by Autumn Willow.


Pregnancy Gift Box

Our pregnancy gift boxes are a real treat for expectant mum's! They can be filled with luxury skincare products, delicious chocolates and amazing scented candles. They also contain a choice of informative books written by doulas, midwives and mum's to prepare those mummy’s giving birth for the first, second, third… time or a beautiful linen bound journal to record her journey from pregnancy through to baby’s first year.


Newborn gifts for mums. Pregnancy gift box by Autumn Willow.


New Mum Gift Box

Our new mum gift boxes come with everything you need to pamper and indulge that special someone or yourself. From aromatic teas, organic chocolate, relaxing skincare products to a much needed “spacemask”, you will find everything needed to relax and recuperate within our new mum gift box.


Newborn gifts for mums. New mum gift box by Autumn Willow.


Create Your Own

If you would prefer to create your own gift box or care package, then why not create one yourself choosing from our range of luxury products. Once you have created your own box, we will lovingly wrap your gift and complete it with a special handwritten card.


Newborn gifts for mums. Create your own gift box by Autumn Willow.



See our full range of newborn gifts, pregnancy gift boxes and hospital bag checklists.

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Why Choose Autumn Willow?

Thoughtful and researched products

A lot of thought, time and care has been given to the products we include within our gift and care packages. We have been very precise in what it is we want to offer within our gift packages having spent a considerable amount of time researching and reviewing each product we offer.

Ethical Products

As many of the products within our gift boxes and care packages, where possible, have been sourced because of their organic, ethical, and sustainable properties as well as being fairly traded.

Companies we work with

All the companies we work with have been chosen because of their ethical, sustainable and organic beliefs.

Fast shipping

We endeavour to pack and send your gift box within 48 hours of purchase; in the majority of cases these are sent out on the day of ordering.

Unbeatable Prices

Our pre-packed gift boxes work out cheaper than buying the items individually.




Autumn Willow offers newborn gifts for mums.

Autumn Willow offers newborn gifts for mums. Mother daughter duo Sharon and Simone

 About Autumn Willow

Mother to seven daughters and grandmother (aka Mimi) to 2 granddaughters, founder Sharon realised, after her second daughter gave birth in a foreign country, that a small gesture of sending a pregnancy gift or a new mum gift/care package would have helped her daughter immensely in preparation for both pregnancy and birth.

As an interior designer with her own home and lifestyle store, Sharon, along with her eldest daughter, Simone, decided to add a new side to the business that she felt could help and benefit expectant and new mum's, whether they were first time mothers or seventh time mothers! She set about re-branding and redesigning her company to also offer very considered and beautiful gift and care packages for expectant and new mum's and babies.

“I, of course, realise that nobody can prepare you for the birth of your first child however, now with hindsight (such a wonderful thing) it would have been great to have sent a “self-care package” to my daughter to enable her to realise that it was both okay and absolutely necessary for her to take some time out for her own self-care. A book or a journal would have been another great way in helping her to navigate the journey that is motherhood!”

The quote from Kelly Rudolph says it all “Taking care of yourself makes you stronger for everyone in your life … including you” and it is the reason we have incorporated this quote into one of our choice of cards that can be included within our gift boxes.”

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Newborn gifts for pregnant or new mums. Autumn Willow uses no issue eco packaging alliance.

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